Jane Owens


Suite # B-3

Phone: 512-451-6105

Email: abarbershoppe@yahoo.com



Walk-ins Welcome





 Haircuts Men & Women, Face Shaves, Hot Lather & Hot Towels, Beard Trims With Hot Lather and Hot Towels

 "We give haircuts the old fashioned way, The A Barber Shoppe Way."

The ones you remember having with Hot Steaming Towels, Hot Lather, a Clean Shave Line, but just can't find anymore.  A Hot Lather Shave, with Hot Towels is always included to compliment your haircut.  COME ON IN and have an experience you will Cherish Once Again.  You'll never want another FAST cut again.   Walk In or make an appointment, but get used to HAVE-N-IT YOUR WAY!

Shop Hours:

Tues - Fri 10:00 - 4:00   Appointments after 4:00PM

Saturday 9:30 - 1:00


I am a Registered Class A Barber with 35 years experience

Jane Queen Owens  www.abarbershoppe.com