Debbie Graham


Suite # SP-7

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Ultra Sonic Facials Series, Intense Pulse Light Series, Alpha and Beta Acid Peels, Waxing (Temporary Hair Removal), Lash and Brow Tinting, Back Cleansing Treatments
Debbie has been in the Esthetic Industry for over 30 years and is a licensed cosmetologist instructor owner and operator.  She uses and retails the pharmaceutical grade skincare products SkinCeutical and Glymed Plus.  She also retails and applies mineral power and camouflage makeup.  All treatments are specifically custom blended for each person.  Treatments are done in a private comfortable and quiet atmosphere.  For more details call, e-mail or visit
Derma Sound tm Elite Ultrasonic treatment -  a three stage system.  A safe mechanical exfoliation molecular product penetration and healing micro amp therapy.  This process increases the efficacy of skin treatment 10,000 times, is healthy for skin and the client will see a difference in skin after the first visit.  Initially a series of six treatments done every two weeks is recommended.  After series, a once a month follow-up visit is done to maintain results.  Special Package prices are available.

Intense Pulse Light Therapy - the tissues of the body absorb light at specific wavelengths promoting repair, rejuvenation and growth at the cellular and molecular levels in the skin.  The light element stimulates and activates metabolic process in the skin cells thus creating energy and enables the cells to function more effectively, reducing wrinkles, lines and fold, age spots, sun damage, large pores, blemishes, dilated capillaries.  Also stimulates collagen in the skin creating firmer and smoother skin.  Inital 4-6 treatments 7-10 days apart.  Follow-up recommended when needed.  Packages available.